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Spin Dynamics

by Malcolm Levitt

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The lyrics are about a future in which climate collapse has made the earth uninhabitable and those who can afford it are "jumping ship" into an uncertain future involving a space journey to (hopefully) a different planet. I attempt to think what it must feel like to be leaving the earth into the blackness of space, never to see it again, and in the full knowledge that no-one really knows if anyone will survive that journey or if there is anywhere to go to. The chaotic last section might be the moment of take-off.
Lyrics by Malcolm H Levitt and Peter Wilkinson refer to the Mohammed al-Durrah incident (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_al-Durrah).
By the falls 02:33
Frail 07:12


some of the music of Malcolm Levitt, issued as a novel supplement to the scientific text "Spin Dynamics", www.malcolmhlevitt.com/books/SpinDynamics/SD2/index.html

See also sidelinesuk.bandcamp.com for more recent music by Malcolm Levitt


released July 9, 2010

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 11 by Burglars of the Heart, 2006 to 2015. Vocals: Peter Wilkinson (2,6,10,11) and Maria Vedanayagam (2,6). Composition: Malcolm Levitt (1,2); Malcolm Levitt and Peter Wikinson (2,6); Peter Wilkinson (10,11). Lyrics: Malcolm Levitt and Peter Wikinson (2,6); Peter Wilkinson (10,11). Guitars: Malcolm Levitt (nylon string and electric + effects pedals) and Peter Wilkinson (steel string and electric); Bass: Filippo Fazi (6,10,11); Peter Wilkinson (3); Benno Meier (1). Drumkit: Esme Ireson (6,10,11); Steve Mitchell (3); Jack Lawrence (1). Percussion: Peter Wilkinson (2). Microwave: Peter Wilkinson (3). Recorded in Southampton, Chandlers Ford, and Winchester, UK. Edited and mastered by Filippo Fazi and Peter Wilkinson.

Tracks 4,7 composed and played by Malcolm Levitt (nylon string guitar) with Carol Kaulfus (flute). Recording made around 1990 in Boston, USA.

Tracks 5,8,9 by Level F (~1977 to 1982). Composition : Malcolm Levitt (track 5); Phil Bastow and Malcolm Levitt (tracks 8 and 9). Guitar: Malcolm Levitt; keyboards: Phil Bastow; bass: Simon Thorpe; drumkit: Mark Pilkington. Recorded in Worksop, UK.

Track 12 is a free improvisation by Malcolm Levitt, Peter Wilkinson and James Vella. Recorded in Southampton, UK around 2006.




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